Web / Streaming / Mobile APP

In Doble-m have understood how open nature of the website, for its multiplatform character and multidevice, offers unbelievable opportunities for the digital communication, work tools or services to users, for this reason us specialise in the creation of online websites or applications.

To take any point from the planet its audiovisual contents via internet, adopt the technologies of streaming. With our own platform carry out low and live online retransfers demand of events, congresses, conferences and on time actual multiconferences, visualising them in any type of devices, desktop stations, tablets or mobile phones.

Aware of unwrap us in an in continual transformation environment, us have adapted to new behaviours of the users, developing mobile applications for platforms IOS and Android.

Download dossier of Web, Streaming, APP´s mobile PDF – Medium quality (1250kb) // High quality (6330kb)